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Hotel Grand Island

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4 star
کیش ،بلوار موج ،گراند هتل
076 – 44424860
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If you’re visiting the island and looking for a modern and unique residence was, we will offer four-star hotel Grand and vilification. The hotel is one of the most fashionable hotels in Kish provide full facilities in a quiet and luxurious, comfortable accommodation for you marks.

International Grand unique four-star hotel in Kish Island in the area and good climate made with modern architectural style and luxury. This large hotel with modern facilities based on international standards of hospitality design. Do not doubt this hotel provides relaxing ride. Its leisure travelers in the fatigue sets the tone. Here you can tour the island and its surroundings, swimming in the pool and spend a pleasant Zay in one of the restaurants enjoy it.

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Frequently asked questions about the hotel, tourism Birjand You can answer the questions asked most about the hotel Tourism HERE. [Toggles title = ""] [Toggle title = "How can I find confirmation Rzrvm notice?"] In the case of payment of reservation or advance your booking is confirmed and the references to the hotel can pay the remaining amount. Reservation code and PIN code to track reserve is sufficient. You can also call the hotel and confirm your reservation. [/ Toggle] [Toggle title = "what is placed in the room on my hands?"] Disposable Accessories in the room at your disposal, including toothbrush, toothpaste, shoe polish, slippers, soap, shampoo is [/ Toggle] [Toggle title = "Can I cancel Rzrvm?"] You can enter your account at any time and to cancel Rzrvtan. [/ Toggle] [Toggle title = "If you do not see what will happen to my payment?"] Unfortunately, if there is no harmony in the hotel at the time of booking not find the prepaid amount you lost and is non-refundable. [/ Toggle] [/ Toggles]

Things to Do


Dolphin Park

Dolphin Park leisure complex with an area of ​​100 hectares, located in the southeast of the island. The set includes green space with a variety of different plant species, birds, and the first and only Dlfynaryvm in Iran. Dlfynaryvm different species of marine mammals in the collection, including dolphins, sea lions northern, southern sea lions,


Hotel Grand Island kish, Iran

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